Reminder Thurs, Fri and Sat meeting reopen

Thursday at Salvation Army 7:30, Fri Women's at Christ Episcopal  7:30, and Sat Christ Episcopal noon....

Recovery picnic 6/19, Houghton Waterfront

Bill L. reserved the Houghton Waterfront pavillion for a Recovery Picnic, June 19th, 11am, till four-ish. Right now it's bring-your-own food and beverage.  See you there...more details coming as they are worked out, but get it on your schedule....

Wed and Friday PLUC noon meetings resume next week

Lisa M. has decided to re-start the PLUC noon meeting begining next week (5/12/21).  These will be face to face only.  The PLUC church has not changed any Covid requirements, so masks and distancing are still required.

New PDF on meeting page...

The updated meeting list (5/1/21) is now available as the printable pdf on the meeting page.....

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