Area 74 Inventory

Updated: Apr 12

Hello Everyone:

When you can, please take a few minutes to complete and submit the Area inventory . It is a simple survey, for the entire membership of Area 74. It is designed to give those serving you at the Area level feedback as to how you think your Area is meeting its primary purpose, using funds, and helping individual Districts. Since District 21 is somewhat distant from the bulk of the Districts in Wisconsin, our feedback is especially important. This is a chance to share your thoughts on how the Area could improve and stay on a cohesive, proactive course. It will open April 10 and close April 30th, 2021

Thank you, I really appreciate your taking time to do this. GSR's, please announce this at meetings and encourage members to participate.

The survey can be accessed two ways:

1-- Area74 Inventory Link, or

2-- Through the Area newsletter, the Now and Then., page 13

With gratitude,


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