District Meeting 10/1/20 6pm

Hello everyone, 

This is a quick reminder that our next District meeting is this coming Thursday, October 1, at 6 p.m. You can attend in person at PLUC or via Zoom. The login number for Zoom access is 98285263966 (dial-up312-626-6799). 

There are a number of important issues on the agenda this month, including a new item, which I would ask all GSR's to take to your groups for feedback: 

We have the opportunity to update our PSA ( Public service announcement)  which runs through a local radio station. Should we re-word it to include information about the website?

Thank you to all who took the time to attend the Area Assembly , it was a very interesting day, and our District really shone as we had such good participation. Thank you for keeping the UP visible in such a large Area.

In closing, I would ask everyone to keep a member, Ron S, in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers from surgery. 

i Hope to "see" you this Thursday!

In service,


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