District Meeting - 12/3 - 6:30 pm, PLUC or Zoom

Greetings everyone,

I hope each of you are enjoying this Thanksgiving weekend. Even in these uncertain times, those of us in recovery have so much to be thankful for, the gift of ongoing sobriety.

Our next District meeting is this coming Thursday, December 3, at 6p.m.. You can attend in person at PLUC in Houghton or attend via Zoom using the meeting ID number and passcode found on the website, coppercountyaa.org. Our participation as individuals keeps our District strong as a unit and better able to reach out to those who are still grappling with this disease.

Many of you are aware that meetings have been changing these past few months. The website has been a tremendous benefit to the district, and additionally, we now have another feature to make meeting information available: Under the Meetings tab, there is now a printable version of the schedule, with both in-person and Zoom meetings listed. Thank you, Matt M., for stepping up as you saw the need and all of your time and work in developing this feature .

I would encourage everyone to print off copies of the schedule and share them . Please pass the word to anyone you may think would like a copy.

I hope to "see" you on Thursday evening!

With gratitude to each of you,


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