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District Meeting - Jan 7th, 6pm, PLUC or Zoom

H!, everyone, and a very good 2021 to you all!

Our first District meeting of the new year will be this coming Thursday, January 7, at PLUC in Houghton, at 6 p.m.. You can attend in person or by Zoom, using the ID number 98285263966 and passcode 000021.

It is very encouraging that as a District we have remained strong and active despite the challenges that COVID -19 has presented.

My thanks go out to so many of you who have helped and contributed in so many ways-- the members that have opened/closed the locations that still allow us to meet in person, with the increased cleaning and site care, the members who maintain the Zoom meetings, those who held informal meetings outdoors this summer, and all of you who call or text one another to stay in touch. A huge thanks goes to our Tech team who have had almost daily changes to post as the information about meetings changed, and also now making the schedule printable right from the website.

It has been a very rewarding year in many ways , and I'm grateful to serve the District. I sure have learned a lot and have gotten to "attend" more Area Assemblies and meetings (via Zoom) than under other circumstances. Here's looking forward to a safe and productive year as we continue to serve the alcoholic who still suffers.

With gratitude,


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