Notes from the 7/2 District meeting

Notes from the District

Our first integrated Zoom and group District meeting was held on Thursday, July 2. Thank you to all who attended, it is  so rewarding to  have so much participation at all levels.

Despite the restrictions, our committees have still been active, Thanks to Elizabeth G and Jim N, the PI committee is working with the local paper to get corrections and an updated notice about the website published.

Thanks go to the CPC committee, and  Marshall W doing outreach to more medical professionals.

Literature sales are beginning to pick up again, with kudos  to Ann H for her efforts as a new member of the Literature committee, and Lenny L for his purchase of Big Books.

Reports from the GSR's show that both the virtual (Zoom) meetings and a number of face-to-face meetings are having good attendance. The diligent efforts of the Tech team keep the website information updated as quickly as possible.

The most pressing matter discussed was the annual Intergroup. By unanimous vote, this year's indoor Intergroup at Sacred Heart  in mid-August is cancelled. At the next District meeting, August 6, the possibility of an informal, outdoor activity will be discussed. GSR's, please take this idea back to your groups for suggestions. The District meeting will be held both as a group at PLUC and also via Zoom. As always, we encourage everyone to attend and share your thoughts! 

As we move forward this summer, it is good to say that our district is strong and supporting our common goal. God bless each of you! 

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