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There are many tools available to set up online meetings. The most popular are Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype. The following resources are meant to help you choose which is appropriate when you move your group to online meetings during the Covid19 pandemic. 


District 21 has one Zoom meeting set up that is available for use in your meeting. Contact either Jim N or Denny M for help if you have any questions


What should we use? There are so many options it is overwhelming.

For Group Meetings

Zoom(free-$), Google Hangouts(free), and GotoMeeting($) The district has available the use of a paid for Zoom account for the next few months. Any group wanting to use the Zoom account for the district should contact

Small groups or one-on-one audio and video

Skype and Google Hangouts are good for small groups.

Alternatives to Email and Text messaging

GroupMe and Facebook Messenger are good alternatives to text messaging and email.

ZDnet has this link on Zoom 101 using Zoom (video and text).

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