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Upcoming District Meeting and update

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Hello to all, 

Our September District meeting is just around the corner! I hope to "see " you either in person or via Zoom this coming Thursday, September 3, at 6 p.m.. We will meet in person at PLUC  as for previous months, or you can log in to the District Zoom # as printed on the website. I so appreciate everyone's efforts to keep our District active and strong during these times . I"m grateful to learn that we have a newly formed Tech team  addressing our virtual needs.   I have recently  attended both the monthly DCM meeting and the Area PI meeting via Zoom , and I have come away from each inspired and so grateful for our membership here.

In addition to the ongoing business of the Zoom account and website management, other topics of interest have been raised. We have had a request for an informational forum on the impact of the pandemic on recovery , and as I mentioned in last month's update, there may be funds available from the Area  for a District educational event. I hope you have taken this back to your groups for discussion and perhaps we can generate some ideas? 

Additionally, the upcoming Area Assembly will be held on Saturday, September 12. We have permission to meet at PLUC and "attend" as a group . NOTE: The agenda from the Area lists Central time. Our meeting will be at 10am EDT at PLUC (or Zoom). GSR's, attendance at Assemblies is an important part of your service to the District, as you carry the voice of your group. I understand that attending in Wisconsin isn't always convenient, so this gives everyone the perfect opportunity to participate. if you are hesitant to come to the church, you can log in separately .  I am forwarding the communication from our Delegate with all the access information as well as the agenda and other documents pertinent to the business of the Assembly.  

I'm very excited to remind everyone that we have a member, Bill LaB., who will be standing for the position of Area Chair/Alt Delegate.  GSR's, you will be able to vote at the Assembly, so I hope we can have a good turnout for supporting him!  If you aren't able to attend for the entire day, please consider logging in  for the election.  

Please let me know if the second email (the forwarded one ) doesn't come through properly.  We as a District received lots of kudos at the last DCM meeting when I mentioned  being able to attend  the Assembly as a group , and I'm looking forward to this brave new venture ! 

Thank you for your patience as I attempt to get the information to you.  Feel free to email/call me at any time!

With gratitude, 


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